Update 12/12/05

ACNS stands for Automated Copyright Notice System. Itís an open source, royalty free system that universities, ISPís, or anyone that handles large volumes of copyright notices can implement on their network to increase the efficiency and reduce the costs of responding to the notices. The system is a flexible design so that it can be implemented on just about any network, using already available network equipment such as routers and packet shapers. It is not intrusive and does not invade the privacy of the networks users, and it letís the university or ISP enforce its own policies with regard to network abuse and copyright infringement. The system could also be utilized to handle abuse complaints, viruses, worms, trojans, and other malicious network activity. Below you can find links to more information about ACNS and the XML that enables it.

ACNS PowerPoint.
ACNS Summary (Word doc).

XML Info and Samples:

Version 0.7 (CURRENT)




Changes from version 0.6: a TimeStamp field was added to Content.Item. The purpose of this is to differentiate older infringments from recent infringments, so that recidivist activity is thoroughly reported.

Version 0.6 (OLD)






Email parser that can be used to extract the XML and put it in a database. *work in progress*

If you have created any scripts or tools that can be used with the XML or the ACNS concepts and you'd like to share them, please do. We'll post links or host them here on this site.

If you are using the XML and would like to request a change or need any information, please contact us.

Contact info:
Aaron Markham
Director of Internet Anti-Piracy, NBC-Universal
Tel: 818-777-3111
Email: aaron.markham -at- nbcuni.com

Christopher J Bell
Advanced Technology, Universal Music Group eLabs
Tel: 310-865-8495
Email: acns -at- umusic.com